Nutrition in the workplace

Improving employee's health and wellbeing increases productivity and reduces sickness absence (Department Of Health). Various services are available depending on budget and needs of the individual companies.

Workplace Nutrition Seminars

  • Eating for health and wellbeing
  • Increasing energy and reducing fatigue through the working day
  • Weight management workshops
  • Food and mood
  • Diet for Chronic Diseases such as heart health, blood pressure, cholesterol lowering
  • IBS help

Workplace Nutrition and Health packages

  • Introductory presentation to all staff on' healthy eating for wellbeing' plus individual staff consultations with Dietitian.
  • Packages can be tailored to Company and budget depending on needs of Company and staff.

Individual Consultations with Staff

Dietitian consultations provided for staff for all diet-related medical conditions or for general health improvement e.g. following a health check. Please see our individual clients services.

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